IKIM SOLUTIONS is able to leverage costs from the benefit it derives from the fact that many of its chemicals it uses have a dual role both in the manufacture of household cleaning chemicals and  water treatment chemicals. The company is making serious inroads in the most competitive laundry detergent market environment. It prides its growing success on the very much well received XPO Washing powder. Among the other products such as Pine Gel, Dish Washer, Tyre Shine, Foam Bath, Fllor Stripper, Degreaser, Engine Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner, XPO enjoys and occupies a favourable position as a flagship brand of the company. IKIM is also involved in the marketing , selling and distribution of such chemicals which range from those used for:   

  • COAGULATION & FLOCCULATION: Aluminium Sulphate,  Ferric Chloride, Ferric & Ferrous Sulphate

  • pH Adjustment : Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate

  • CORROSION CONTROL : Potassium tri-polyphosphate, tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, mono-potassium orthophosphate

  • SOFTENING AGENTS: Calcium Hydroxide, Sodium Carbonate

  • TASTE & ODOUR CONTROLT: Activated Carbon, Chlorine, Ozone



  •  Services on Solid Waste Management for Local Municipalities

  • Supply of Laboratory Equipment for testing
    - Incubators
    - Viscometers : AR & HPLC Grade Analytical        Chemicals   : Balances
    - Water Analysis  : Spectrophotometers    : Test Kits   : Beakers  : Bottles
    - Burettes  : Erlenmeyer Flasks :Measuring        Cylinders :Pipettes : Filter Paper
    - Volumetric        Flasks   : Titration Burettes  : Thermometers  : Hydrometers


OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU KIM SOLUTIONS will assign a dedicated Consultant to service your company or municipality. Our aim is to establish a one on one working relationship with you and in so doing, going the extra mile to provide you with high quality service you deserve from us. We conduct service and product oriented audits every month in our sites to ensure that all our products are carefully screened in order to comply with your company’s requirements and expectations. Our Consultants are committed to regular visits to your premises in order to gain a clear understanding of your work environment, and resource needs. This enables us to assess your requirements so as to provide you with an efficient and trouble free